Merkalıp – Plastic products

Our company, which produces automotive sub-industry products made of plastic, carries out its production activities with high pressure plastic injection machines using CNC technology.


     – Wheel caps


     – Wheel trim rings


     – Paint shop solution materials


     – Separators

     – Mechanical assemblies

Wheel center caps

We work with the leading rim manufacturers of Turkey and the world. We do not compromise quality in any phase of the production. We are capable of providing product diversity and customer-oriented solutions thanks to the in-house design, formwork and production departments.

Wheel trim rings

We fulfill the wheel trim ring requirements of the rim manufacturers with our robust and quality products thanks to our sensitive manufacturing technology. Thanks to the parts we tested with our experience in the area of motor sports, we do not compromise the quality of our products.

Paint shop solution materials

We manufacture materials required by the rim manufacturers during painting. We develop production solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers.


We provide solutions for the separators with various sizes and dimensions as required by the rim manufacturers during shipping, in order to allow them to carry the required quantity of rims in accordance with the requirements of the customers.

Mechanical assemblies

We also provide in the area of heat- and solvent-resistant plastic parts used inside gas & diesel engines in the automotive industry. Thanks to our production process where all phases are in-house, we produce parts that require mounting with a high sensitivity and quality.

Other products

We also produce plastic machine parts and various plastic material parts that are used in other phases of production of our customer companies. Thanks to our high production quality, we are capable of providing different solutions for medical firms.