Experience that goes back to 1970.


Merkalıp provides design and solution partnership services to its customers. In accordance with the plastic product required, our expert team creates the product designs by following the R&D process, and the formworks prepared with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and CNC machines are delivered to the production unit.


The products whose designs and formworks are prepared within MERKALIP are produced in horizontal and vertical plastic injection machines ranging from 128 tons to 300 tons, which are approximately 1 year old, in accordance with the project and made ready for delivery after each phase is approved by the quality control unit.


Providing full service to its customers in terms of plastic products and formwork, MERKALIP completes its duty by delivering the products in time and in a safe manner.

“Our passion towards motor sports allowed us to test the robustness of our products under harsh conditions and to produce products with the highest quality in their area. Thanks to the parts we tested, the quality of our products were approved by the automotive sector and increased our reliability.”

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